Whether used by a renter that craves more personalization or a homeowner that wants to play with dramatic, trendy styles without investing too much, rugs offer incredible design flexibility. 

Rugs Allow Trendy Spaces

Design trends come and go, and we frequently must allow them to pass us by with only a wistful sigh. Capturing a passing style can be expensive if you try to recreate the look with furniture or home remodeling. Well chosen rugs, artwork, throw pillows, and accessories built around classic, color-neutral furniture can allow you to masterfully shift with the seasons and enjoy a stunning, ever-changing look without draining your bank account.

Play with Vibrant Colors and Patterns

Rugs let you get away with more dramatic visual elements and allow you to utilize brighter colors and exciting patterns that wouldn't work as well on large furniture or walls. If the room is downplayed, you can create a lot of movement and energy by choosing a splashy rug and a few complementary elements like throw pillows and artwork that carry hints of patterns and colors from the carpet itself. The same is true in reverse - if  your room has busy patterns and bright colors, you can anchor it together with a neutral carpet. 

Getting the Right Rug

Aim for a large rug that will be layered beneath existing furniture, and don't pick something that's going to sit in the middle of all your furnishings. If you have a large, open floor-plan, consider using multiple rugs to break up the space, but get different sized rugs if you do. Likewise, choose complimentary rugs that you intend to use in the same room to create visual harmony. Don't be afraid to stack carpets, particularly ones with different textures.  

Some other tips to consider:

  • Contrasting colors and patterns work better than monochromatic schemes for the whole room. Use small accents to draw complimentary colors and textures from the carpet through the room to tie everything together.

  • A well-placed rug provides a luxurious touch to a bedroom, set a lushly textured rug where your feet land in the morning.

  • A carpet pad provides a comfortable underfoot and helps keep the rug from shifting. Get one suited to your flooring and don't bother with carpet tape; it doesn't work.

With a little consideration, new rugs will help you create stunning, personalized spaces in your home. 

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