A sofa is a focal point in any living space, and it is therefore tempting to choose one that offers stunning colors and exciting patterns. For the best results, choose a sofa that will age with elegance and last for a decade in your home.

Considering Color

Color is a key element in picking a sofa that can serve as an anchor point to whatever design decisions you'll make in the room in the course of its lifespan. Selecting the right color can help you get away with more stunning elements in rugs, artwork, and other accessories. White, beige, and cream tones are a fantastic canvas to play with, but you may wish to avoid it if you have or plan to have children or pets. Shades of gray work even better at concealing the occasional oops and let you play with bright colors, it also provides a little spice of its own. If you choose another color, stick with softly muted tones to grant you flexibility in your future design decisions. Leather is a go-to choice. It does require some care and maintenance, but a well-loved leather sofa can last a very long time. Avoid bright colors in the leather, stick with natural hues.

Round Hole, Round Peg

Pick a size and shape that makes sense of your space. Getting a sofa too small for a large room can make it feel dwarfed. Likewise, getting too large a sofa can crowd the room and make it feel too busy. Share the sofa with other seating options, if possible, for a visually stunning and highly functional area. Likewise, pick a shape that makes sense for the area and its use. 


Make sure the frame and materials are up to snuff. Know the correct cleaning suggestions for the upholstery and make sure it's a stain resistant variety. Even without the mess-magnets that are pets and kids, sofas collect stains and dirt you'll want to clean.  If you want the piece to last, you need to start with the best quality. 

The sofa is really the heart of a living space. A comfortable sofa of the right size encourages people to settle down and enjoy a quiet conversation, a book, or a snuggle by the fire. Picking one with classic looks and neutral colors allows it to pair with whatever design inspiration hits you during its lifespan. 

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