While you're shopping for a new mattress for an additional room or renovations that include tossing old ones, memory foam varieties are a great selection for five reasons. Some will sound familiar, but the others should pique the interest of anyone who's remotely considered one before now.

1. Spread the Load

The first benefit that should be mentioned is how wonderful memory foam is for anyone who has suffered from horror stories like mattresses with one stiff spring in the small of your back. Your weight will be distributed with relative evenness over a customizable level of support depending on the density of the mattress's foam.

2. No Motion from Commotion

If you have a sleeping partner or persnickety cat, then you can preserve their sanctity with a stealthy exit that doesn't move a hair on their head. The material is small enough and full of enough miniscule locations to dissipate the energy that even a fully-grown adult male jumping into a mattress would have trouble doing more than looking ridiculous to anyone watching.

3. Quiet as a Mouse

By the same principles that allow you to move in and out of bed without any tremors, memory foam of all types makes very little sound as you move around on it. Headboards and frames will still clash and clang if they are forced to endure too much excitement and downstairs neighbors may still , so don't expect to jump on the bed without

4. Gel Is Cool, Again

Changes to the density of existing foam mattresses has minimized heating, but gel memory foam has less thermal conductivity than its predecessors. The difference in reported cases of mattresses being "too hot" dropped by nearly half when comparing the latter to the former.

5. Decreasing Costs

Refinement of the manufacturing process for memory foam mattresses of all types translates into savings for the customer. While memory foam was always an attainable option, new and used models will compete directly with traditional mattresses in pricing. More than ever, it's a matter of choice, not frugality.

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