To some, the love seat is a sideways recliner meant for solo use and naps. To others, it's a comfortable and snug setting for one or more people who you like enough to touch. Whichever method of usage you prefer, these ideas for placing and enhancing your love seat will turn it into a central part of your decor rather than an accessory to a sofa.

1. Don't Match the Love Seat Directly with Your Other Furniture

One of the first instincts for a new homeowner looking to fill their living room is to buy a matching three-piece set with a couch, love seat, and recliner. Unless you absolutely must have the set or are getting a great deal, look for unique pieces that can complement other pieces of furniture and the room they're in.

2. Revitalize Old Love Seats with Covers and Pillows 

Instead of getting an entirely new love seat, rejuvenate its appearance with covers and throw pillows of whatever fabric and color you want. Consider darker colors and smooth, satiny materials for a more intimate feel to the upholstery.

3. It's Hip to Not Be Square (in Arrangement)

With exceptions for limited space in the room, people trend towards using a "square" shape with the four walls of their couch, love seat, recliner, and television set. You can pull in extra seating from more mobile chairs if necessary for larger gatherings, so feel free to push the love seat into a secluded corner or face it in different directions for a sense of privacy.

4. Promote Togetherness at the Dinner Table

Replacing a chair or two in the dining room with a love seat can force distant household members to pay attention to one another, assuming they can ignore their smartphones long enough to realize another human is nearby.

5. Section the Love Seat Off with Lighting and Smaller Pieces

Just because your house's configuration doesn't naturally support a love seat nook, you can use paper privacy screens to both reduce the amount of light coming in and to separate the love seat into its own section. With careful placement, the private zone can still get a view of the television.

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