Beautyrest has been innovating mattress technology since the 1920s. They have consistently been ahead of the industry in developing methods to help you have a deeper, more comfortable sleep. Here are ten of their best moments in mattress innovation. 

1) Beautyrest engineered the first machine capable of quickly and inexpensively manufacturing pocketed, wrapped coil springs. This discovery made way for commercially produced beds that offered real support. Something only the ultra-elite had enjoyed access to since the technology James Marshall invented the underlying technology in 1900.

2) In 1958, Beautyrest was the first mattress company to offer King and Queen sized beds. You can thank them for all that luxurious space on your bed. 

3) The bowling ball campaign launched in 1995, showing just how beneficial pocketed coils were for those sleeping beside fitful dreamers. 

4) Beautyrest enjoyed it's 75th anniversary in the year 2000 and celebrated by launching it's "No-Flip" mattress, another industry innovation that had competitors rushing to catch up. 

5) 2008 brought Beautyrest memory foam mattresses transform into a best of both world's hybrid bed - the Beautyrest NxG. It offered the tried-and-true pocketed coil system in a shell of luxurious memory foam for a perfect night's rest. 

6) They continue their innovation trend with the ComforPedic iQ. This mattress design uses patented technology to naturally and fluidly adapt to your body contours and positions to relieve pressure. 

7) The Temple University School of Medicine researched the ComforPedic iQ system. They found that sleep study participants fell asleep more swiftly and enjoyed a deeper sleep with longer and more frequent REM cycles. 

8) The ComforPedic iQ system is the only mattress endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil - founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Weil has graced the cover of TIME Magazine twice and was one of their Top 25 Visionaries. He's a world-renowned holistic health proponent and established the field of integrative medicine.

9) The Black Beautyrest line provides dreamers with the ultimate in opulence. Every element of these beds enjoys the highest attention to detail, from their advanced coil and surface technology to micro diamond infused air cool memory foam and beautiful fabric of modal yarn featuring phase-change material. Dreamers sleep soundly and comfortably on these artistically crafted beds. 

10) After decades of innovation with spring coils, they've turned their attention to heat dissipation. The surface of each Black mattress has unique TENCEL fibers designed to draw heat away from the body while sleeping while the phase-change fabric (the grooves alternate directions) help keep bodies cooler as well. They even engineered the memory foam to keep you comfortable; they use miniscule diamonds, a heat conductor, to draw heat away from the body. 

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