Prepping for school goes beyond new clothes and boxes of No. 2 pencils. Setting up designated prep areas in your house can ease the chaos of the school year. Visit Northland Furniture to upgrade or add pieces to your home when you are ready to apply these handy, stress-reducing tips. 

Launching Space:
Even just one kid can leave behind an impressive trail of cold-weather necessities, leaving parents scrambling to hunt down gloves, scarves, hats, and more from surprising nooks and crannies throughout the house. Save yourself time and set up a launch space. Near the common family entrance, set up a bench (preferably one with built-in storage) with shelving and hooks to store all your winter gear. Bonus points for establishing the habit of leaving ready-to-go backpacks hanging here the night before.

Homework Designated Zones:
Kids need a place to spread out and work on homework every night. The best option is, of course, a desk of their own but if space does not permit it, consider pulling out the table leaf on your dining room table and creating a homework zone on one end. Keep handy essential supplies and resource material. As an added bonus, dining rooms are less distracting than bedrooms full of toys and living rooms with electronics; they’ll stay focused longer.

Bedtime Prep:
Routine is the key to soothing the back-to-school disruptions and keeping everyone organized and on-task. Near the homework designated zone, keep a white board with a checklist. Homework done? Check. Backpack prepped? Check. Clothes laid out? Check. Lunch packed? Check. It’s harder to forget essentials when they are done the night before. 

Project Central:
Kids regularly receive larger projects throughout the school year. Invest in a cabinet where you can store the reoccurring supplies necessary for these big projects and keep them tucked away while not in use. Storage bins can conceal the art supplies, and you can tuck away display boards and stockpile shoeboxes for clever dioramas. The bottom half of a china hutch can often serve part-time duty as a project storage unit.

Don’t forget to pull aside some of your child’s best work and store it. Years from now, you’ll remember these hectic days with fondness and lament how quickly they grow. Find space in the project cabinet for a collection box, so you remember to make good use of it.

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