Crunchy, colorful leaves decorate the lawn while the summer sun fades away in favor of crisp breezes and boisterous storms. Autumn brings the family indoors and inspires gatherings around the family dining table. Spruce yours up with these great tips for fall decorating.

Get Rustic

Start with a humble yet elegant dining table of aged wood beams and leave it bare. Use simple white plates and classic flatware paired with thin stemware to keep the look simple. Spruce up the look with fall foliage, highly textural natural centerpieces, and bright orange napkins that offer a colorful nod to the season.

Be Lush

If you want a more refined look, start with a glossy, modern dining table and lay a vibrant, shimmering golden runner down the length. Let it cascade over each side like a waterfall, and create a river-like meandering rhythm and texture where it lies on the table. Settle atop this golden river bowls and platters laden with edible goodies. Keep floral arrangements lively with autumnal colors. Balance the look with simple plates and flatware.

Enjoy Firelight

Autumn is the perfect time to get cozy around the fire. The dining room doesn’t have to be the only place you dine. Pair a few cozy armchairs next to a crackling fire and lay out your table on a sturdy end table. Just a few plates and silverware, a thick beeswax candle, and the crackle of burning logs is all you need for a perfectly romantic evening in.

Gather All

The fall season is the time of celebrations large and small, of drawing all your loved ones home for extravagant feasts. Do it in comfort and style with a buffet side table. During the rest of the year, this handy piece of furniture stays neatly out of the way and serves as a perfect place for a rotating seasonal display. In the autumn and winter, it does double duty by hosting finger foods, dishes and silverware, and food platters comfortably near the main action at the dining room table.

Whatever your style, autumn offers you plenty of opportunities to build an inviting space that encourages guests to linger and enjoy. If you are ready to upgrade your furniture to expand your design possibilities, stop by Northland Furniture in Minneapolis and explore your possibilities.

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