With Autumn in full swing, it's time to turn your attention indoors. Make your home cozy and inviting with a few simple decorating tips.

Mantles are a Seasonal Focal Point

Even if you don’t have an existing fireplace, you can create the look by purchasing an inexpensive mantle kit and hanging it like a shelf. Better yet, acquire an LED electric fireplace to provide highly efficient space heating and the ambience of a crackling fire without the mess. If you want to avoid the mantle, you can achieve the same rotating display space with a buffet or sideboard table in your entry or living room. Set a small sectional or sofa nearby with an afghan for a gathering space with a view.


Display Ideas:

  • Pumpkins and dried corn are obvious fall delights, but try arrangements of decorative grass, dried flowers, and autumn leaves instead.

  • Try a vibrant bouquet of pheasant feathers, wheat, and autumn flowers to bring in a little color and interesting textures.

  • Showcase leaves in rustic frames for a playful reminder of the season.

Cuddling Corners

Fireplaces inspire snuggles, even if all you are cuddled up to is a fluffy blanket, a steaming mug of cocoa, and a good book. Help create snuggle worthy spaces by spacing a few overstuffed love seats and a small side table near a fireplace, electric or otherwise.  For those who lack a fireplace, try adding a hurricane lantern with a thick, scented candle. The flickering firelight will help create the same vibe. The table serves for another seasonal display space. Carry elements of your mantle theme here to tie the room together.

Inviting Entries

Draw guests into your home with an alluring entryway decorated to bring the delights of fall indoors, away from the chilly weather. Pull in seasonal colors with comfy underfoot rugs that help prevent the muck from tracking into the rest of the house. A small side table can store keys and play host to artful arrangements of gourds and scented acorns or simple, homemade prints of fragile autumn leaves.

Whatever your personal style, a few simple additions to your home can help you create an inviting space that allows you to indulge in the seasonal decorating opportunities of fall.

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