Can't decide which type of mattress you want? Check out our list of ten reasons why you should consider going with a gel foam bed.

1. Comfort

The ultimate quality of any mattress is its comfort.  You will never have a night of sleep quite like the one you'll have when sleeping on a gel mattress. No other material comes close to providing the same level of satisfaction as the space-aged contents of a gel bed.

2. Support

The material of a gel mattress will mold around your body and conform to all of your various points and curves, creating a pocket of support that perfectly matches your shape. 

3. Softness

While gel mattresses come in a variety of hardness levels, the softest varieties rival pillow-tops and waterbeds. If you're the type who wants an incredibly soft bed that you sink into at night, you'll love your gel mattress.

4. Cool Temperature

Unlike other bedding materials, gel beds fight against gathering heat to keep you from burning up or sweating in places where your body touches the bed.

5. Retains Shape

A gel bed adapts to the pressures it faces, but it is not nearly as volatile as a thick pillow-top or waterbed that can send someone on the opposite side flying if you land too hard.

6. Reduces Back Pain

The unmatched support of gel beds keeps the strain of laying down spread evenly throughout your body. With your spine no longer bearing the brunt of the burden, it can relax at night and gain relief from several annoying types of chronic back pain.

7. Reasonable Pricing

You will spend the same or less on a gel mattress as you would for a memory foam mattress of the same size.

8. A Sound Sleep

You will consistently wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

9. The Competition Doesn't Cut It

Memory foam, waterbeds, spring mattresses, and any other type of bedding you can name cannot come close to providing the same collection of comfort, support, and pricing that gel mattresses have.

10. Durable and Long-Lasting Comfort

With proper care, your gel mattress can bring you over a decade's worth of incredible nights of sleep.

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