The recliner has long been a favorite of Dads (and anyone else who likes to relax!) coming home after a hard day’s work. The design we know and love was created by Daniel F. Caldemeyer. His ‘rocket recliners’ were developed based on kinetic science uncovered during his service in the US Air Force. These chairs were used by NASA in mission control for Projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Over the years, Caldemeyer added patents to his original design like the footrest lift, heating, and even massage features.

What Has Your Recliner Done for You Lately?

Some improvements over the years have included the recliner built into a larger sectional sofa and electric operation that replaced the mechanically-driven lever to recline and lift the foot rest. These features made recliners accessible to more families, particularly those with members who lacked the strength to operate the lever pull.

Modern Innovations in Comfortable Seating

New materials, steeper reclining, and lumbar support are all coming to a chair near you, thanks to the continued effort by furniture makers determined to get us all to kick back and relax.

Material Considerations:
Memory foam and gel-infused foam cushions are both starting to appear in reclining seats, introducing loungers to a whole new level of comfort.

Back Support:
Dual adjustable air bladders add lumbar support to some recliners. You might have encountered this feature before in luxury cars from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, now you can enjoy it in your living room.

Full Recline:
Step up your napping game with a full recline that offers a power-adjustable headrest to make it a breeze to keep your eye on your favorite TV show or game while you settle in. 

Independent Adjustability:
What's better than a completely reclined chair? A chair that adjusts in nearly every dimension, to provide you with the most comfortable position, every time. No longer do the back, footrest, and headrest need to shift as a whole unit. Now you can adjust each section to find the right settings for your comfort.

After a relatively sedate pace of innovative additions to the beloved reclining chair, we are seeing a bounty of new comfort-inducing features being added.  Come explore your options at Northland Furniture, located in Ham Lake near Minneapolis. 

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