Moving furniture is an unfortunate companion to upgrading and improving your home. Don't get stuck in the doorway by following these tried and true tips to relocating your upholstery.

Take Measurements

Our eyes can deceive us at the best of times, and learning that the couch is two inches too wide for the doorway while it's being held precariously in the air. Measure every opening you might need to use, every hallway or small space you might have to move through, and every piece of furniture that you plan on moving before anyone starts to lift a single chair.

Pad Your Bets

Even after planning out all of your movements, accidents happen. Consider putting plastic wrap or another type of padding on the corners of your furniture to prevent some of the scrapes from the calls that are more than close. Remove anything delicate from the pathway the movers will be taking, including paintings, chandeliers, and anything else on the walls or ceiling.

Movers, Disassemble!

Whenever possible, break down your furniture into smaller pieces and remove any protrusions or extremities that you can. Sectionals are great purchases for this reason. Most cushioned upholstery and tables will have legs that can be removed to accommodate moving them through a typical home door. Remove doors from the hinges all the way to the final destination of the furniture; You will regret missing that sliver of space more than you might realize, and the few minutes to take them down and put them back up will save you more time and energy overall.

Twist - Don't Shout

The largest pieces of furniture move through the opening to your home one cubic inch at a time. Twist, turn, and angle the furniture as it's moving through the doorway, and you can free up extra space to maneuver a bulky or oddly shaped object. Tables, mattresses, and seating that is wide and long are typically tilted on their sides while moving them. Moving one end of a long piece to the side can also open up new angles.

Ask for Help

Furniture is heavy, bulky, and a pain to move. If your home has small entrances, hallways, or other oddities, it can quickly become a tale of terror that will last as long as the building does.  If you have a horde of new furniture, exceptionally large or bulky pieces, or are short on people to do the lifting, consider hiring a professional moving service.

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