With winter nights still creeping over the vast majority of the hours in each day and frigid blasts of cold marring the joy of what sun there is to be had, people tend to feel down, depressed, or otherwise dejected this time of year. You can stave off the blues by converting a room into a light-absorbing solarium stocked with plenty of seats for lounging.

The Value of Sunlight

Light's primary physiological benefit to humans is serving as the bulk of our supply of vitamin D. Just by catching a few rays, every one of us makes nearly nine-tenths of the vital substance. Natural light also has such a prominent affect on human psychology that a study on its effects on people inside buildings - man's personally crafted caves that are naturally devoid of light - showed that reports of depression and claustrophobia in occupants was inversely correlated with the number of windows or other pathways for natural light. The same study also noted a tendency of people in windowless structures to look for ways to the light, even to the detriment of the building.

What Makes a Solarium?

A solarium is a room with more than the typical amount of wall space substituted with glass or another translucent material. Beyond that, a solarium is a room in your home like any other that you can furnish as you please. They are frequently placed along the perimeter of the home or at a high point to provide greater access to light.

Furnishing a Solarium

Because a solarium isn't subjected to the full brunt of weather's regular assaults, you can use furniture and decorations that you would otherwise keep away from the elements. Comfy sofas and chairs made from less heat-absorbent material are a must-have. For deep meditation, opt for a full-sized mattress that will let you sprawl out comfortably for a nap. Leather can be a gamble with its ability to go from burning your skin with heat to cold, and it will require extra care in the solarium due to sun damage. Light will be coming in from a multitude of angles, so you should cover overly reflective surfaces to prevent eye strain. For wood or laminated flooring, use ornate rugs with colors that will sing under the attention of the stars.

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