Kids invariably carve out a space of their own in the home and in the lives of their parents. A nursery can range from a full-sized room to a corner of the master bedroom, but every variety should come equipped with furniture designed as much for the adults who will be using it as the cradle is for the infant.


A rocking chair is the quintessential and most iconic piece of furniture to add to every nursery. The gentle sway of a rocker can soothe the most irate infant, so hunt for a rocking chair that moves to a beat that you like.

Sofas and Sectionals for Visitors

Babies are masters of attracting attention from everyone around them, and enjoying company doesn't have to conflict with playtime. Throw a sofa or sectional into the mix, and you can have an excuse to keep the helping hands nearby. You can also use the larger pieces of furniture to section off portions of the nursery as needed.

Everybody Wants to Take a Nap

A comfortable and broad recliner will help the weary parent or babysitter recover while promoting closeness with the child. Like the rocking chair, holding a child in your arms comes naturally while slinking back into a recliner, and picking one with tall arms that are properly cushioned makes it easy to keep an arm cradle held securely with minimal effort.

Dressed for Every Occasion

Place a dresser in the room so you can have a mixture of clothes for the kids, useful cloth items like towels and bibs, and the diapers you'll soon be changing. Having them all located conveniently where you'll need them and in a beautiful piece of furniture will help complete your nursery. 

A Rug for the Rugrats

From the moment they come into this world, kids are busy flinging messes everywhere that they go. When they move out of the cradle and start crawling around the nursery, the trail of havoc will only spread. You can save yourself the headache of extensive carpet replacements in the future by placing a rug on the floor. You'll still be able to let the toddler move about the nursery without the fear of a hard fall onto a hard surface, but a rug can be removed for cleaning or replacement in case of disaster.

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