The digital revolution changed the way we do business around the world, investigate the mysteries of the universe, and especially how we spend the vast majority of our days. Whether you're on a computer, console, or mobile device, chances are that you spend some part of your day playing video games, and there are those making full careers out of playing games on both amateur and professional levels. Turn your gaming lounge into a modern, intelligent bastion for your playtime.

Sitting Tall

Gamers tend to spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in one position. From the latest rapid-clicking MOBA to the most intense FPS, your attention can easily be held for an hour or more in a single match. When your posture represents the way your body is positioned throughout the majority of your day, a typical office chair in front of the desk can fall abysmally short of your orthopedic needs. Even a slightly improper posture can become detrimental when held for longer periods, resulting in the stretching of soft tissues and the squeezing of vital fluids from the affected areas.

Instead, opt for a full-sized recliner with full cushioning, proper support for your arms, and an adjustable back so you can rotate through comfortable positions that keep your body from locking up.

Multiplayer Management

Online gaming is definitively the way that most people enjoy multiplayer games, but there is still a place for joining up in the same room with your friends for added teamwork or more intense rivalries. Fighting games are made that much more frenetic when you can hear your opponent mashing their controls and complaining about the move you're spamming. Physically active games like Dance Dance Revolution or nearly anything on the Wii can be fantastic centerpieces for social gatherings. Set up a proper sofa or sectional around your gaming station so you can seat the players and observers comfortably while they're waiting their turns or cheering you on.

At a Higher Level

Gaming binges are typically adjoined with a smorgasbord of snacks and drinks, and controllers have a tendency to go missing when they don't have a designated and easily reachable resting location. Strategically placing a coffee table and an end table or two around the lounge provides places to keep your electronics and your goodies safe from harm.

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