Winter is winding down, and it's almost time to shake off the cobwebs and kick up the dust. A clean home can help you feel better about inviting company over and help preserve the people, pets, and items inside of it.

Begin with an Inspection

In dealing with the everyday use of the home, the less offensive messes that survive thanks to the onslaught of dirt and grime that demand immediate attention. It could be a smudge on the counter, a stain on the carpet, or the forgotten dry goods tucked in the back of the kitchen cabinets. Create an inspection checklist that covers each room in the home and outside area that needs tending, as well as every object within those areas. If you expect it to be cleaned during the festival of fastidiousness, it absolutely must be on the inspection list. Leave a miscellaneous section for additions, but make a note of anything put there and plan to add it to next year's. 

Once done, have every room checked by three different people. If possible, use people who aren't the primary occupants of the room; They'll have less trouble with blindness due to being accustomed to the status quo.  Add a small description of each identified mess as you see them. This is also when you should be examining things like sofas, mattresses, and carpeting for signs of damage or wear.

Plan Your Attack


One of the quickest ways to burn through the motivation of everyone involved in the spring cleaning is to attempt a continuous assault on the additional chores over one or two days. Instead, break the tasks into "short" (15 to 30 minutes of work) and "long" (an hour or two) categories. Divide up the jobs amongst everyone with four or five days of short tasks on top of normal chores and a smaller number of days with a concentrated focus on cleaning. It's more than acceptable for spring cleaning to take the entire season!

Execute Operation Spring Clean

Now that you know where, when, and what you'll be cleaning, all you need to do is follow through on your plan of attack. As long as you stick to the battle and persevere until the last task is completed, you'll find the reward of a sparkling home waiting for you at the other end.

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