When choosing new furniture for your home, you might be stuck on one important factor - leather or fabric? These days, both can offer sophisticated, elegant, and durable looks, making it even harder to choose. It's important to take a look at both the downsides and positives of each material before choosing which to use in your home.

The Pros of Leather

Generally, leather is extremely durable. Leather that is well-maintained can last 10 to 15 years. Leather is also water resistant, meaning that it doesn't stain easily and can quickly be wiped off if there is a spill.

Because it's made from animals, not every piece of leather will look uniform and exact. These natural imperfections add charm and elegance to your home. Making furniture out of leather is also a great way to recycle unused body parts from animals butchered for food.

The Cons of Leather

The biggest con of leather is its expense. Leather costs much more than fabric at the onset, however, this may eventually balance out considering how much longer it lasts. Leather also requires a lot more upkeep than fabric. You should condition it regularly as well as wash it with soap and water to keep it fresh. 

If you're a person that's always cold, you might not like the chill of leather in the winter.

The Pros of Fabric

The best advantage of fabric is cost. It is much cheaper than leather. It also comes in a much larger variety of colors and hues. You can pick virtually any pattern or shade to complete your furniture. Certain fabrics are also more resistant to unsightly scratches than leather, which is great for pets or children.

Lastly, fabric doesn't cool off as much in the winter. It also won't stick to your legs in the summer heat. 

The Cons of Fabric

Fabric is certainly not as durable as leather and simply won't last as long. Towards the end of its life, fabric can fray or accumulate holes or punctures. Additionally, it's much harder to clean as it absorbs stains and spills almost instantaneously.

Fabrics can lose their vibrant colors over time as well as absorb odors like cigarette smoke or pet dander.  

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