An area rug can add color, texture, warmth and style to a space. This can change up the look and feel of a rug, while also protecting or hiding the existing flooring. However, many people select an area rug based solely on what appeals to them. But, as you select a rug, there are many other elements you have to consider. An area rug can be used to create an optical illusion, and trick the eye into seeing something different in the space. Learning about how area rugs can trick the eye may help you enhance a space in your home. Here are three different ways area rugs can trick the eye into thinking a space in your home is different than it is.

Widening or Elongating a Room

Using an area rug with stripes can help a room feel wider or more elongated. This is because your eyes focus on the length and direction of stripes. Making a room feel wider or more elongated can give the perception of more space. Stagers often use this trick when trying to sell a home, but you can use it to make a small space feel more open or less cramped.

Making a Large Room Feel More Cozy

If you have a large space, it may feel cold and undefined. Placing a smaller area rug in the room can make the space feel more intimate and cozy. An area rug helps define the space that is being used, tricking the eye into only focusing on the space that the area rug takes up. You may have flooring under there that continues to run to the wall, but the eye is focused only on the definition the rug gives. This is also a great way to break up one large great room that doubles as a living room, family room and/or dining room.

Deemphasize an Odd-Shaped Room

Not every room is square or rectangular, especially in older homes. Unfortunately, these spaces may seem odd. And adding furniture to them may only emphasize the bizarre angles that are in the room because your couch or bed are not parallel with the wall. Adding a square or rectangular area rug will only further emphasize the odd shape of the room. However, a circular or oval-shaped rug will help to calm the angles in a room, give you an area to arrange your furniture around and deemphasize the odd shape of a room.

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