Your bedroom is a haven, a place of relaxation after a long day. To make your bedroom into the perfect oasis, you need the right bedroom furniture.

Northland Furniture has a great selection of bedroom furniture options for you to pick from to meet all of your aesthetic and functional needs. Here are some tips for choosing the bedroom furniture that will make your bedroom the room of your dreams.

Know Your Bedroom's Size

Before choosing your bedroom furniture, you need to know your room's size so that you can pick furniture to match it.  It would be a shame to pick out a beautiful bed and find out that it won't fit in your room! You will want to make sure you have plenty of space to move around, and that you aren't crowded by the furniture.

Pick a Design You'll Love

We have several full bedroom sets available to match your style, or you can mix and match pieces to create a design that is uniquely yours. Take a look at our bedroom furniture selection to get some design ideas.

Consider Your Functional Needs

Think about the things you keep and the things you do in your bedroom so that you have an idea of what your furniture needs are. A reading chair might be a great option if you do a lot of reading in your bedroom. Consider storage options that will work best for your belongings.

Match Your Color Scheme

Think about your room's color scheme as you decide on bedroom furniture. Will the wood finishes for the selected pieces work with your color scheme?

Store Wisely

Chests, dressers, media chests and night stands all have slightly different storage features and capacities. Dressers often have several different sizes of drawers and sometimes come with a mirror. Media chests are great for setting a TV on and storing movies or other media, and a night stand is perfect for your book, glass of water and reading glasses.

Consider Mirrors and Other Accessories

A mirror can be a very helpful piece of furniture in the bedroom, saving you a trip to the bathroom if you need to check up on your appearance. Many great furniture accessories are available, but be sure not to overcrowd.

We know you'll make a great decision about your bedroom furniture! Stop by Northland Furniture and browse our great furniture selection!

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