Is your favorite chair or sofa covered in grime and gunk? Keep your furniture alive as long as possible by deep-cleaning your upholstery from the inside out.

Some Disassembly Required

Before you start diligently scrubbing everything in sight, you should first take the upholstery that you're cleaning apart as much as possible. For some pieces, this will be as simple as taking off the cushions. For others, you may be able to break them down into sections or even detach some of the moving parts. It can be a pain, but breaking down the furniture can make it easier to move around and reduce the number of corners that you'll have to work around.

Furniture Lives in a Material World

The last thing you want to do is use the wrong cleaning product on your chair or sofa. After disassembly, look for an indicator of the materials used to make it. If you can't find a tag with the information, look online for details from the manufacturer. Barring an official response, you can ask for the advice of a furniture expert or rely on your knowledge of different materials.

Look Deep Within

Your best friend here will almost certainly be a high-powered vacuum cleaner with a narrow extension wand that you can stick into the crevices that are stuffed full of various remnants of activity from family members, pets, and house guests. It is extremely unlikely that the fabric will be damaged by the vacuum, but you should still limit its use to the deeper interiors of the seat.

Scraping the Surface

Now that you've gotten the interior clean, it's time to move to the surface. This is where your material research comes into play! Look for the proper cleaning methods for the material type of each individual piece, and compile a list based on the severity and type of stain. A cloth sofa, for example, could require just a bit of water and scrubbing, or it could require scrubbing, steaming, more scrubbing, and the use of stronger cleaning agents. 

Bring In Some Friends

If your cleaning efforts don't remove the problem, you don't have to resign yourself to having a marred seat in your living room. Stop into Northland Furniture to find friendly furniture professionals who can help you determine whether you or not you can salvage your dirty furniture. While you're there, you can look through the expansive and robust  supply of furniture that can replace or enhance your current upholstery arrangement.

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