Finding the time to enjoy the shift to sunny days and blue skies after a frigid winter is difficult unless you have a patio just outside where you feel comfortable taking in the air. If your outdoor patio is in need of a spring cleaning, try out one of these renovation ideas while you're sprucing things up.

The Afternoon Delight

A more classic take on the outdoor patio will set the stage for time-honored activities like brunch with the family on a bright weekend afternoon. Set the stage with simple stone slabs, colored and arranged according to your choosing. For the patio furniture, a circular metal or wood table with a central umbrella makes a stunning centerpiece that creates an intimacy from looking at the faces of those you love. Choosing metal or wood offsets the stone floor and can endure exposure to the elements. The umbrella can protect from a light spring sprinkle or keep the sun from blinding everyone.

The Sun Lounge

Even if you don't have a pool, you can still turn your patio into a place to sunbathe and soak up the invigorating rays. To start, you will likely want to use a cool deck material since ample time in the sun will be creating enough heat in your body. Instead of the typical selection of chairs, chaise lounges can step in to provide a comfortable bed to bask through the afternoon. Avoid interrupting your relaxation by using a few smaller tables rather than one larger table; they can be arranged in between the chaise lounges to hold drinks, snacks, lotions, or smart devices without interfering with the careful arrangements to maximize light exposure. If you can fit it into the space, an extra table with a shade for those who need a break from basking is a welcome addition.

A Torch-Lit Twilight

Your patio won't stop wanting your presence when the sun goes down, and most designers will add some form of lighting just in case the urge to listen to the sounds of the night from the comfort of your yard. Swapping out the overbearing floodlights or electrical illumination for reusable, long-lasting, and charming tiki torches. To fully embrace the theme, use deck tiles of dark or burnished wood and furniture made from wood or wicker. Swap your shades for ones made from bamboo leaves to cap off the look.

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