When considering what furniture to invest in, you can't go wrong with timeless classics that will hold their appeal decade after decade. After all, quality furniture is an investment that, if well-cared for, will last many years. Certain styles have stood the test of time and endured the many shifts in style over the decades. First, we'll examine the elements of classic design and then look at some examples that have held up over the generations.

Go Au Naturale 
When selecting materials, aim for natural fibers and resources - beautiful wood grain, natural fibers, and real leather will hold up better over time and provide an elegant backdrop for where ever decor trends take you.

Natural Colors 
Neutral colors offer timeless, classic appeal that exciting patterns and vibrant hues do not. You can always punch up the energy with rugs, pillows, and other accent pieces.

Clean Lines 
Avoid purchasing major pieces of furniture like sectionals or sofas that feature trendy features. Instead, opt for simple, elegant styles. These will allow you to pair accent pieces, artwork, and other design elements both modern and antique without clashing and help tie your spaces together seamlessly. 


Timeless Styles:

Chesterfield Sofa
With it's classic rolled arms and button tufted design, these classic sofas have been around since the mid-1800s and remain a tried and true centerpiece to any inviting gathering space. The Chesterfield is at its best in leather, and for the adventurous, even a bolder hue like red can withstand decades in this particular style.

Oriental Rugs
These rugs can help tie together simpler furnishings and make a room feel luxurious even when set near otherwise understated decor. Because they are not in the direct line of sight the bold designs and colors that are often featured do not overwhelm a space, but create a pleasant background energy that never feels dated.

Bentwood Chairs
Originating in the 1850s, these chairs were a response to the overly ornate styles of the time and feature a clean, elegant style that's surprisingly durable. Even after all these years, they still provide a modern feel to a dining space.

Louis XIV-XVI Chairs:
Rather the opposite of the Bentwood chairs, these are often upholstered at the back and seat with ornate carvings decorating the crest rail (that curve that follows the back seat frame). Padded armrests and decorated legs and arms are generally featured. Pair these with a simpler dining table (like a farmhouse-style) for a more welcoming, less fussy look. 

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