A great mattress gives great sleep and helps you set the tone for each day. Nobody is at their best after a restless night on a sagging mattress. Use these tips to help extend the life of yours.

Staying Firm

A Good Foundation:
Always rest your mattress on a correctly sized foundation.  For larger mattresses, like queen or king, use a foundation with a sturdy center support beam to prevent bowing.

Seasonal Switch-a-roo:
At the start of each season (so four times a year) you should flip your mattress to help keep it from uneven wear. When you do this, flip the bottom to the top and the left to the right.

No More Monkeys:
As fun as it may be, keep the rugrats from bouncing on the bed to prevent damages to coils and fibers.

Your Bed is Not a Bench:
Avoid sitting on the edge of the bed. If you must, rotate your perch. Sitting at the edge will damage the structure of the bed.

Keeping it Clean

Synchronized Cleaning:
While you are flipping your bed around, break out the vacuum and its upholstery attachment and give the surface of your mattress a good once over, including the sides of the mattress. This helps eliminate the dust and skin flakes that attract dust mites.

Let it Air Out:
Whenever you go on vacation, strip your mattress of all bedding so the air can get at it. If you aren’t the vacationing sort, aim for airing it out at least once a year.

Odor Eliminator:
For noxious smells, try baking soda. Sprinkle the mattress liberally, wait 20 minutes, and vacuum. The soda will absorb the odor and leave you with a fresher night’s sleep.

Wrap it Up:
Use a protective mattress pad that can be run through the washing machine to keep the mattress itself stain-free.

Ditch the Dry Clean:
Mattresses are not meant to be dry cleaned and the chemicals involved can damage the mattress fibers. In general, avoid using cleaners beyond baking soda and vacuuming to clean a mattress. If you absolutely must, use only mild soap, cold water, and a light hand. Avoid soaking the mattress or foundation.  

Know When to Upgrade

Mattresses have a lifespan. Proper care and maintenance of your mattress can help extend its usable life, but eventually, it’s time to consider purchasing a new one. While you may have heard a sheet of wood can give new life to a sagging mattress, resist the temptation. You’ll find brief relief, but the wood will only exacerbate discomfort over time.  

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