If you are shopping for a large bed, you may notice that you have two choices. You can purchase a California king or standard king, also called a traditional king, eastern king, European king or just king. If you are in the market and notice these two options, you may wonder what the difference is. Here is a bit of information you should know that may help you make a decision.

Is There a Difference Between These Two Mattresses?

Yes, the dimensions for the mattresses vary. A regular king mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches in length. A California king is 72 inches wide and measures 84 inches in length. As such, you need to ask yourself whether you would prefer to have more width or length on your bed. This will help you select the mattress that makes the most sense for you.

Can I Use A King and California King Bed Frames and Box Springs Interchangeably?

No. Because there is a width and length difference between the two, you cannot use these items interchangeably. As such, if you already have a traditional king bed frame, you will want to look for a traditional king mattress, and vice versa. It is important to note that many traditional king beds use two twin bed box springs instead of one larger box spring. As such, some people shop for twin box springs separate from the mattress to get a cheaper price. This is a trick that will work with king beds, but not California king beds.

Are California King Beds Only Sold in California?

No. California king beds are sold all over the country. However, for reasons unknown, California kings are more popular on the west coast and regular kings are more popular on the east coast. As such, the store you are shopping at for linens may have limited supply based on how well these products sell in your area. Take a peek at the inventory at your favorite linen stores prior to buying to ensure you can easily get sheets and comforters for the mattress of your choosing.

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