There are many different ways you can transform the appearance of a room. You can paint the walls, buy new furniture or bring in new accessories. One of the fastest ways to alter the atmosphere of a space is to add in a new rug into the mix. Here are a few of the things you can accomplish simply be laying a new rug flat in any room in your home.

Add Color or Design

One of the primary ways that a rug transforms a room is by bringing in color, texture or design, depending on the type of rug you purchase. A throw rug can feature a modern print or a vibrant color, both of which can liven up an otherwise boring space. Or it can be made from shag carpetting, adding in a fun textured element that makes the room seem more dimensional. The sky is the limit as far as color, designs, textures and patterns go and you are sure to find something that either enhances the existing style of the space or adds character that the space is desperately lacking.

Add Warmth

Another way that a rug can alter a space is by adding warmth. If your current floor is wood, lineoleum, tile or concrete, the floor can be cold. This can make your entire space feel a little bit colder as well, especially during the winter months. It is not fun to step out of bed onto a cold floor or walk into the kitchen to get your coffee and have your feet freeze. A rug can add warmth to the floor, which can make the space a tiny bit warmed and keep your feet comfortable.

Lengthen or Elongate a Room

The last thing a rug can do is to lengthen or elongate a room. If you have a room that is longer than it is wider, select a rug with a horizontal pattern to create an optical illusion that the room is wider than it is. The same can be done to lengthen a room with stripes or vertical patterns.

Are you looking for a rug that makes your space seem more modern or more cozy? Do you want something that adds color or makes a statement? Regardless of what you are looking for, we have the perfect rug for you. Visit Northland Furniture in Minneapolis and Ham Lake Minnesota to see our vast array of rugs and find that one that is perfect for your home.

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