A sectional allows you to have a lot of seating in a living room. It can be the main focus of the space, providing you and your family a comfortable place to listen to music, socialize or watch television. However, there is a downside to sectionals. They can be rather large and if your living room is small, can quickly overwhelm that space. This can make your living feel or look cramped and smaller than it really is. If you have your heart set on a sectional, but don't want to cramp your small living room, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you shop for one.


Look for Sectionals in As Few Pieces as Possible

A key tip to keep in mind as you shop for a sectional for a small living room is to look for a sectional that does not have many pieces to it. Some sectionals have three or four pieces, while others have seven or eight. These more pieces there are, the more likely small gaps can begin to develop between the pieces. Not only will you constantly have to push the pieces together, but these gaps will take up space and make your sectional take up room that you don't have. As such, it is best to stick to those with fewer pieces when you have a smaller space.

Avoid Bulky Fabrics

If you have pets or small kids, you may be looking for a textured fabric. Textured fabrics help hide fur, fingerprints and stains. However they add bulk to the sofa. Velvets, corduroys and other textured fabrics should be avoided when you are trying to fit a sectional in a small living room. The added bulk of the fabric can create the illusion of a heavier, bulkier couch. Instead, stick to lighter colors and traditional fabrics to help prevent the couch from overwhelming the space.

Look for One With Clean, Straight Lines

The last tip to keep in mind as you shop for a sectional for a small living room is to look for one with clean, straight lines. A sectional with straight arm rests, rather than curved ones, will take up less space. One with a straight back rest rather than a curved one will allow the eye to see more of the space, creating the illusion of more space. As such, this is very important when you are trying to fit a large sectional into a small space.

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