If you have ever set foot in a mattress store or furniture store, you know that there are many different mattresses available. When you look at the mattresses, you will realize that there are different brands, models and prices. But that may leave you wondering what differentiates each of these mattresses from each other, aside from size and price. Here are a few of the factors that set various mattresses apart from each other.

The Material the Inside of the Mattress is Made From

One of the biggest factors that sets mattresses apart from each other is what material the inside of the mattress is made from. Some mattresses are made with coils, while others may be made from various types of foam, including memory foam. And some mattresses have pillow tops on them that can be filled with cotton, fibrous material, or feathers. All of these factors can cause a mattress to be different from another mattress.

The Number of Wires in the Coil

Speaking of the material inside of the mattress, most mattresses are made from springs or coils. The number of wires and material the wires are made from can also differentiate one mattress from another. Mattress with more coils or more wire in the coil tend to support more weight and are said to not sag. As such, this factor affects price and the lifespan of the mattress.

The Material the Exterior of the Mattress is Made From

The last major factor that differentiates one type of mattress from another is what the exterior of the mattress is made from. This is the material covering the mattress. Some are made from synthetic materials, some are made from cotton and some can even be made from bamboo. The type of material can affect how well a mattress breathes and how warm the mattress can get. As such, this is an important factor to consider when selecting a mattress.

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