Your dining room table sets the mood for the feel, flow and style of your dining room. If your dining room is also connected to your kitchen or living room, it can also affect the look and feel of these spaces. If your table is old and outdated, it can make the room feel the same way. Updating your table can instantly transform any of these spaces. However, with so many different styles and types of tables available, you may not be sure which is right for you. If you love to be trendy and stylish, following trends can help you find the table that is right for you. Here are three dining room trends that are expected to be popular in 2017.


The farmhouse and rustic trend is extremely popular right now and this is expected to carry over into the new year. As you shop for a new table, think of either a farmhouse or a cabin. If the table is wooden and looks like it has some wear to it, it has a rustic look and feel to it. If you love the country look or the cabin feel, this may be the perfect style for you.

Mismatched Pieces

When you think of a dining room set, you often think of a table and chairs or benches that match the table perfectly. But one of the trends this year is expected to be mismatched pieces. The colors all match but the chairs all have unique styles to them. This helps ties everything together, while still giving it all a unique edge. If you love being different and eccentric, this may be the perfect dining room set style for you.

Mirrored Table Tops

The last dining table trend that is expected to be big in 2017 is mirrored table tops. This is a very modern look and feel to it. A mirror also reflects light, making a space seem brighter. If you love modern looks, or are looking to make a small or cramped dining space seem larger, this is the trend that you should consider looking into.

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