Many people think that their love seats and couches need to be made from the same fabric and material. But if you have moved into a larger home and now have space you didn't used to have for a love seat, or if your old love seat has become stained, you may not be able to find a loveseat that perfectly matches your sofa. Fortunately, these pieces don't need to be made from the same materials. Here are a few tips that you should follow when matching a love seat to a couch that has a different fabric.

Offset Your Patterned Couch With a Solid Loveseat

When you are bringing a loveseat into your space that isn't made of the same material as your couch, you should try to offset your couch. If your couch has a pattern to it, you will want a solid colored loveseat. Trying to pair two patterns together gets very busy and rarely works. Pull a color from the pattern in your couch and find a solid loveseat in that color. This way, the pieces look like they match, even though they were not bought at the same time.

Offset Your Solid Couch With a Patterned Loveseat

If you have a solid colored couch, you can bring texture and design into your space by finding a patterned loveseat. Look for a pattern that has the same color as your solid couch to ensure the two pair well together. Selecting a pattern that does not incorporate the color of your sofa ensures that your pieces will look like they don't go together. When possible, bring a cushion or pillow from your couch to ensure the pattern of your new loveseat matches the existing color of your couch.

Mix and Match Your Throw Pillows

The last tip is to mix and match your throw pillows. Once you have the old sofa and new love seat in the room, mix up the throw pillows. If your throw pillows perfectly match your couch, throw those on the love seat. This ties the pieces together and makes them look like they belong together.

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