If you are looking for a new mattress, you may realize that different ones have a variety of different features. One feature that is becoming popular is the foam-encases support system. This can be found on a variety of mattresses, including the popular Simmons Beauty Rest mattress. However, if you have never heard about this feature before, you may have many questions about it. Here are a few frequently asked questions about foam-encases support systems.

What is a Foam-Encased Support System?

Most mattresses use springs in them to support your body weight. The springs can support the various weighted points on your body, providing you a good night's sleep. But as the mattress ages, these springs can begin to become noticeable. This is commonly caused by other padding in the mattress wearing down or becoming thin. Foam-encased support systems mean that foam is placed between the springs, as well as over and below them, to support them and provide you more comfort.

What are the Benefits of a Foam-Encased Support System?

The biggest benefit of a foam-encased support system is that you don't have to worry about feeling the springs of a mattress as the mattress ages. Additionally, foam provides you with more support, making the mattress more comfortable to sleep on. A foam mattress itself has many drawbacks, including losing its shape and becoming unsupportive. However, when combined with springs, the two work together to balance each other out and compensate for the downsides each has individually.

Are There Different Types of Foam Used?

The most common type of foam used is memory foam. However, there are different types of foams used. If you are considering getting one of these types of mattresses, always look at what type of foam is used to encase the springs, and what the thickness of the foam is. This will help you determine how supportive the foam will be and what the overall lifespan of your mattress will be.

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