If you don't like the color of your couch or it has a stain, you can easily cover up these imperfections with a couch cover if you so desire. However, there are other times that your couch needs more than a minor fix. Here are a few of the signs that your couch is aging and should be replaced.

You Sink In When You Sit Down

When you sit down on your couch, there should be enough padding to support your weight. If your couch is old, the padding have worn down over the years. When you sit, you may literally sink into the couch or even feel the springs located underneath the cushions. If your couch cushions are flat or do not support your weight, it is time to invest in a new sofa.

It Is Not Sturdy

When you sit down in a couch, you should not hear it creek or crack and you certainly should not have any fears about it breaking. But if your couch is on its last leg, these things may happen when you sit down. If the couch is wobbly, creeks or cracks or you have reason to fear it may break of collapse when people sit in it, it is time to replace your old couch with a new one.

The Upholstery Is Ripping

The majority of rips in upholstery cannot be repaired without it being obvious. And unfortunately, as the couch is sat and laid on, the fabric stretches. This means that a small rip can grow rather quickly into a large one, even if you do cover the couch with a cover to hide it. When a couch is ripped, the filling can come out or be exposed to elements that can cause it to break down faster. If your sofa has upholstery that is ripping, a new couch is in order.

The Couch Stinks

The last sign that it is time to replace your couch is that it stinks. Deep cleaning a couch can help to lift stains and remove stenches from them. However, some smells simply will not come out. If you have tried to deep clean your couch and it still smells funky, you will want to opt for a new one.

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