Finding the right area rug for your space can be a challenge. You have to ensure the colors in the rug match the colors on your wall and in your furniture. You need to ensure it fits in your space and is not too big or too large. And you have to like it. As such, you may hold on to an area rug far longer than you should, out of fear you won't find another you like or because you don't want to go hunting for one. However, every good thing must come to an end and that includes the life of your area rug. Here are a few sings it is time to replace your area rug with a new one.


It is Faded

Your area rug may be exposed to the sun. This can cause it to fade. Unfortunately, there is no way to restore color to a rug once it has faded away. As such, if you remove a coffee table or other piece of furniture from the rug, and notice a huge difference in the color between the hidden and exposed portions of the rug, it's time to replace it.


It Has Rips or Tears

Minor rips or tears in an area rug can be repaired. But this does not mean it financially makes sense to have it repaired. Call around to find out how much it would cost to have your rug repaired and then compare it to the price of a rug and the replacement cost. Also, keep in mind that not every rug can be repaired. If the tears are more than the size of a half-dollar or your tears are jagged, the rug cannot be repaired. The only thing to do in this situation is to say goodbye to your old rug.


It Smells

The last sign that it is time to replace your area rug is that it smells. Area rugs can be deep cleaned with a carpet steamer. This helps to remove dirt, dust and stains. It also helps to remove a variety of unpleasant smells from the rug. However, not every scent can be removed. If you have steamed the rug and there's still a funky smell, it is time to discard it.


When the time to replace your area rug has come, come to Northland Furniture in Ham Lake, Minnesota. We can help you find the perfect new area rug for your home, ensuring that replacing the old with the new is an enjoyable experience.

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