If you own cats or dogs, you need to take them into consideration as you shop for a new sofa. Depending on the type you select, pet hair may show up more easily or the couch may become scratched by your pets nails. Learning what types of fabrics you should look for will help your couch to look great for years to come, even if your pets enjoy the couch with you.|

Distressed Leather

Most people do not think that leather sofas and pets belong together. This is because a cat's claws and a dog's nails can scratch or rip through leather. However, if you maintain your pet's nails or claws, distressed leather may be a great option. The distressing ensures that a minor scratch or two from your pet will blend in. In addition to this, leather is easy to wipe up, clean and easy to remove hair and fur from, making it a great choice for those who have slobbery or dirty pets or those who shed often.

Synthetic Fibers

Another common misconception is that materials that have texture to them, such as tweed or velvet, are ideal for pets. It is believed that the texture helps the couch to hold up. However, this is false. If you are in the market for a new couch and own a pet, consider a synthetic fiber, such as ultrasuede or microfiber. The problem with textured fabrics is that a pet's nail or claw can get stuck in them and rip or tear the fabric. Synthetic fibers are a bit heavier than natural ones, like cotton, yet are smooth. This helps to ensure a pet's nails won't get stuck and cause a rip.


The last type of fabric you want to consider for your couch if you have pets is Crypton. Crypton is an engineered fabric that is designed to be used with pets and small children. It is stain-resistant, water-resistant and odor-resistant, making it a great choice for those with pets. However, this type of fabric can be pricey, so keep that in mind if you are considering this option.

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