Quality sleep can change your life. If you are feeling sluggish, and not just not being as productive as you want, chances are you are not getting the sleep you need to be your best. By simply changing your mattress, you can get the quality sleep you need, be more productive, and feel better than you have felt in years.

Northland Furniture offers the mattresses you need to get the sleep you want. Customers can choose from a wide range of mattresses from Simmons, one of the best mattress manufacturers in the US. Northland Furniture currently offers four mattress series from Simmons.


The Beautysleep 700 series is perfect for people who want sleep well on a budget. Select from the Mount Laurel Euro Pillow Top, Remix Plush or Fancy Pillow Top for a mattress which won't break your bank.


The Beautyrest Recharge series is the next step up. The Americus Plush mattress offers a semi-firm mattress at a great price. For sleeper who prefer a firmer mattress, the Dennet Luxury Firm Pillow Top is the answer. Do you want to sink into a soft mattress? The Harrington Park Plush will indulge you in aircool foam comfort.


The Beautyret World Class lets you sleep in high-end comfort. The Gray Peak Firm mattress offers a 1000 density pocketed coil system for firmness along with TruTemp gel for a cooler sleep. Need the comfort of a pillow top mattress? Select the Gray Peak Luxury Firm Pillow Top option, The Springboro Plush mattress has an amazing 2000 density pocketed coil system for soft, but supportive sleep.


The newest mattress line available from Northland Furniture is the incredible ComforPedic iQ! If you are looking for the ultimate sleeping experience, you have to try the ultimate mattress. The ComforPedic iQ creates a personalized sleeping solution unlike any other by eliminating pressure points and adjusting to cradle every sleeper in supportive luxury.


Now is the time to invest in your sleep. All of Simmon's mattresses are available at Northland Furniture in a variety of sizes to fit your existing bed frame. But, if you are purchasing a new mattress, it may be time to upgrade your bedroom set. Northland Furniture has a wide range of stunning bedroom sets available online.



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