MattressTrying to sleep on a lousy mattress is hard enough, but if you suffer from a painful condition in your back, it’s almost impossible to find a comfortable position. Choosing the right kind of mattress for your particular type of back pain is crucial for a good night’s sleep. Review these mattress-choosing tips for four common types of back problems:

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis sufferers should select a mattress with adequate support to avoid muscle strain and improper spinal alignment while sleeping. Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice because they offer firm support and help minimize back pain. An adjustable bed is another good option because the elevation of your knees and head relieves pressure on lower back joints.

Herniated Disc Pain

The best mattress for herniated disc pain depends on the position of your herniated disc:

  • Paracentral Disc Herniation: Choose a mattress that offers comfort and support while sleeping on your stomach. A high-quality inner spring mattress often provides the best results.

  • Foraminal Disc Herniation: You need a mattress that allows you to sleep comfortably on your side in the fetal position. For this condition, consider choosing a supportive memory foam mattress or gel bed.

If you suffer from either type of herniated disc, a firm mattress is likely your best bet.

Degenerative Disc Pain

Sufferers of degenerative disc disease are usually most comfortable sleeping on their sides because this position minimizes pressure on the disc space. Choose a firm inner spring or foam mattress and try placing a flat pillow beneath your hips to further relieve lower back stress at night.

Spinal Stenosis Pain

To relieve the pain of spinal stenosis, select a mattress that allows you to sleep comfortably on your side to reduce nerve root pressure in your back. To prevent added stress on your hips, place a pillow between your knees when lying on your side. You may also find relief by choosing an adjustable bed that elevates your head and knees.

If hip pain is also a problem, be sure to try out the mattress (or at least lie on it for a few minutes at the store) to determine the optimal level of firmness for your particular back pain needs. Whatever your mattress needs are we can help you at Northland Furniture. Contact us at 763-434-5007.

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